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‘I dug my keys in to the side of pretty little supped up four-wheel-drive’ – More like I kissed a bullet and shot his life to s*** then drove off into my future. How can you not love this excellent country break up song from Carrie Underwood. I squawked this song on my drive all the way to South Carolina after packing up my life and beginning anew post-life shattering love/break-up. Yes I’ve willingly broken some hearts and had my own soul snatched away; however if I understood the pulpit man correctly every day is new day to right your wrongs. I will admit that I was heartbroken not just about being manipulated in to love, but that I would likely never know what real love is. I decided to refocus my life on what I really needed to do and not who I needed to do to gain true fulfillment. So I moved to South Carolina and set up my own boutique marketing firm and allowed the crowds and money to pour in. Just when I thought my self-love was enough I was shown that something was missing in my life. My name is Mariah and this is my journey from mistress to Mrs.

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A kiss… the sweetest or most sinister act one person could perform on another. In either fashion it opens a door of trust that guides you into a life you never intended for yourself. I have been a part of this sweet/malicious act, so accepting love as beautiful as it seems was no longer an option for me. I had enough of searching for that kind of fulfillment and was perfectly happy with my multi-function vibrator.  So you can imagine my shock when a man walked into my business with flowers and kissed my hand. I slapped him immediately and yelled at him until his ears bled accusing him of every possible way he could hurt me.  He didn’t say a word and turned around and left. Over the next month or so he kept coming back with one or two flowers, put it on my desk, then left. He never said a word and I looked at him like he was crazy…but loved the flowers. One day I came into my office and there was a bouquet on my desk with a note that said Coffee and Conversation?

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When I turned around there he was shrugging and smirking hoping I would say yes. We went out for coffee, but the whole drinks and conversation thing was all too frighteningly familiar to me. Except this time it was friendly not flirty conversation about work, backgrounds, church attendance, etc. Of course this turned me on and I kept imagining ways he would tend to my garden of ecstasy. Over the next few coffee dates I kept imagining the tricks he would do to me, but he would always bring me back to reality when he laughed, asked about my life, or encouraged me when I had snags in business. What kind of man cares about a woman this much. Before we went any further I confessed my lovers past, including the one that ended up in a shooting. I was ready for him to storm out the door and he just shook his head, took my hand, and said I’m no saint so I can’t judge you. I knew something was hurting you, like I hurt every day from my ex. I knew you were a good woman underneath that sexy armor and figured we could get through it together. I wanted to hand it over right then!

black couple talking

We decided to finally be exclusive and mutually supported each other in all endeavors, while enjoying dinner dates, movies, you know sappy couple crap. After about two months of official dating I invited him to my apartment and into my body. We both nervously undressed until I was down to my negligee and he was down to his boxer briefs. We met each other over by my moonlit chiffon drapes only able to see each others silhouettes. He immediately kissed me with an unfamiliar passion and moved from my lips, to my neck, shoulders removing my negligee as he traveled down. His chiseled body, gentle touch, and soft kisses made me quiver. He asked me if he could show me how he feels about me and I shrugged and agreed. He immediately flicked his tongue over my cherry and walked me over to the couch, where he lifted my leg and went in for a midnight snack. Periodically he would look up at me and ask how I liked it. Then he would tell me how he honored me as a woman and how all he wants for me is happiness no matter what that means. I snatched him up and returned the favor that left him literally oozing with pleasure.

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He snatched the blanket from my couch and we rolled onto the floor trading positions trying to outshine each others affection for one another. No matter if we were or weren’t facing each other he found a way to kiss and caress my body, grab my breast, or hold me close to him so I could feel everything. Finally we got back to a missionary position and looked into each others eyes while our final burst of fire erupted from us; he grabbed my hand and squeezed it until we both finished.  When he looked at me I felt like I was looking into an unfamiliar paradise and he told me that when he looked at me he saw the beauty I hid underneath my affairs, career, and hardened exterior. We laid on the floor wrapped up in the blanket talking for the rest of the night until he got up and made me breakfast. We sat on the couch playing with our food and feeding each other. I was so scared to say it, but blurted out I love you. He cupped my face and said that he wasn’t sure if I was ready for that, so he was holding off on saying it. But then he hugged me and said I love you Mariah.Then adorned my lips with a kiss entering me into the foreign concept of a peaceful, pleasurable love.

black couple intimacy

It’s not normal to feel incomplete. All that time I was wasting my body and heart on men that didn’t deserve it, was my journey to seeking completion. I lost every part of me and discovered the woman I was meant to be. I’m a woman. I am a strong woman. I am a woman in love with myself, my life, and my man and I don’t care to deny it. Any form of love is meant to test your resilience in this journey we call life. It hurts, makes you scream, strengthens, molds, and most of all brings incomparable joy.  I had a good time as a mistress, but as of April 2014 I will continue to build my life with a new partner as  Mrs. Jamal Calvert.


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