Mistress Series: Kiss My Bottom Lips- Desiree


You want to lick it? Wait a minute baby you don’t know what you’re doing.  Let me educate you; see you can’t put those lips on me like a $5 hoe. See honey this right here is Desireè’s box of wonders. I will open it up for your feeding pleasure if you are not shy to care for me. Now we are going to keep it casual, I hope that’s understood. I don’t need your love, I have my husband. You need me.  I know why that woman you love won’t do everything that she promised, she’s a good girl.  She doesn’t know how to savor your flavor like me.  She’s keeping that special box of tricks for the right one. But Ms. Desireè is keeping it right for the one that matters, me. This isn’t about love, this isn’t about companionship, this is a favor.  Now for me to open up this box of tricks you need to take care of me. Let me remind you that this box is borrowed from another man, but I want you to make me want to hand it over… for a nominal fee. Now I’m going to smoke this blunt, go out on this balcony, and when you learn how to care for me come on out and give mama a kiss.


That was the beginning of our overextended affair. Some of you may think I am just some slut with my legs open, but you have to understand that women have needs. Some of us don’t need love we need passion and our husbands threw that out when the ring slipped on their finger. I met Rèmy while I was on a business retreat up in the mountains and after a drink or ten he expressed that he had needs. I expressed that I needed to be free and scream. So after I educated him about what this was he came out on that balcony and opened my free legs to my glistening box. He looked up at me, whispered close your eyes and then his lips made my moans echo over the mountains.

The next morning we exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up every once in a while for a favor…or ten. When he was about to pull off in his Audi I knocked on the window and reminded him that I needed to be cared for.  He rolled down his window and handed over his American Express Black card, said until we meet again, and drove off. We met up about two or three more times and exchanged a checklist of favors through text, email, Facebook whatever. My husband would pay the bills, but Rèmy would pay for my lifestyle.


I had on every designer from Vogue to Essence and walked around with pride knowing that I had one man paying for my livelihood and another taking care of my body. Who says you can’t have it all? I would feel remorseful when my husband would say I love you. He is a good by-the-book husband that missed a chapter on how to rattle his wife’s walls.  Yet I would always feel better when my Jason Wu adorned foot was up in the air and Rèmy was in between my legs. I opened up all the tricks in my box that always ended with my face and throat glistening in the passion of him. This went on for months, until one flaw in my box opened up a conversation I wasn’t ready for.

Moan, moan, scream, scream, I, LOVE, YOU.

Let me explain how dangerous that phrase is. It automatically gives the implication that you genuinely care and have a connection. When I screamed and moaned this entrapping phrase, his head popped up from where it was supposed to be and he said it back. Then I noticed that each message and meet up turned into arguments about me leaving my husband. None of our exchanges resulted in my body being illuminated by his lips and suddenly my world seemed unbalanced. The calls and messages slowed down and my ever loyal husband started to improve on my needs for passion. He stopped saying I love you and Rèmy could not. After a while I noticed Rèmy’s car parked at places I frequented and closer and closer to my house. His serenading messages turned into degrading demands that were never part of our arrangement. One message had a picture of the credit card bill and the words I paid for your moans. After that I decided it was time to end this with the ride of his life.



So you want this? You want to get back into Ms. Desireè’s box of tricks? Let me explain the rules. You’ve given me the care I need, but this box will never hold your heart like that good girl can’t hold your essence. You are going to tell me why you love this madness between my thighs and then you are going to relish in its glory one last time. When I am done with this favor and the box is closed your body needs to realign with you the one who holds your heart.  Remember I don’t need you, I have my husband. You borrowed the essence of me from another man, but you never borrowed my heart. Bend me, break me, thrust me, and love the nourishment that will glide down your face. Just know that it’s over now baby and there will be others to take your place.

Butterfly purpleCarmen Fletcher is a Public Relations Manager and writer that willingly shares her perspective on life, love, and more through poetry, testimonies, and inspirational stories. She is a Contributing Writer on www.breathoflifedaily.com  and has contributed to the book Super Singles Activate! Testimonies to Inspire and Uplift the Single Woman. In  addition she is currently working on several books and orchestrating the Rise Above campaign featured on the fan page of inspirational book Yes! Confess Success www.facebook.com/CBFWorld

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