Mistress Series: Kiss My Bottom Lips – Mariah

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“Mariah, Mariah…pay attention. Now I’m going to countdown from ten. And when I hit one I guarantee your legs are going to quiver, your back is going to roll, and I’m going to have to ask you to resist the urge to scream. You’re a lady and we’re in public, so I need you to behave. Now after I’m finished with you if you decide that I’m still not worthy to show you what I can really do to your body, then I guess I’m unlucky. But before these ten seconds are up I almost guarantee that you’ll be wanting to scream my name by the end of the night. You ready? Open your legs.”

Why haven’t I learned not to look into a man’s eyes! I was in the Manchester Grand Hyatt bar treating myself to a staycation in honor of being promoted again. All I needed was some good drinks, a little sun, and my vibrator to make this celebration right. Who needs a man when I have myself?  I swirled my wine around basking in the glow of my success and in walks this gorgeous man with the stature of a quarterback, smile that lit up the room, and eyes that could make a nun rip her clothes off.  My lips swelled up against my thighs with latent heat, making me sweat, and I couldn’t take my eyes of him. Finally he looked up at me and I visualized all the ways I could bend, roll, shake, and change his life with my gift.

Mariah 1

He finally walked over and introduced himself as Devon Falconer. We had a pleasantry filled conversation about his wife at home, blah blah blah, then got down to what we really wanted. I told him that no man could break me, but I would break them. He told me no woman could resist him or break him. Even though I agreed I assured him I wouldn’t be back for more. I don’t like cocky men. They try to challenge my power as a woman and let’s face it; no one gets the best of Mariah. He smiled then escorted over to a table when he whispered that whole counting BS. I said yeah why not, it’s not like he could do it better than me. Well…

He put a napkin in my lap then reached under the table and lifted my skirt and pulled my red thong back then slipped two gentle massive fingers into my center. He reached back slowly and found my golden nugget and caressed it gently, then massaged it harder and harder while he slowly whispered the countdown. I began sweating and couldn’t catch my breath and was trying not to moan and scare the old couple at the table behind us. When he got to three his hands gyrated faster than my rabbit vibrator and heat rose up from my pussy my spine warped and my legs shook. Then he threw his hand over my mouth and silenced my scream. People looked over at us confused about what just happened.

Mariah 4

When I calmed down he took his hands off me and chuckled. That snarky SOB sat there and laughed at me so I pushed him away and headed up to my room…only to realize that I left my purse and room key on the damn table. When I went back downstairs Devon was standing there with my purse. I rolled my eyes and he shoved me back into the elevator and kissed me. I told him I have my own tricks that don’t require counting. I ripped off his belt, hit the ground, and shoved that monstrosity he dared to just call a penis deep down my throat. I told him in between each rapid suck that by the time we reached my floor he would’ve experienced the best cum of his life. Well the elevator doors opened and let’s just say I am woman of my word.

I smirked at that hot and bothered SOB and strutted off the elevator. When I got closer to my room I noticed that he was prowling behind me. It was a little stalker-ish, but I knew he wanted me more. As many know no one could do it like me. He may have been talking a big game, but the truth was he is just like any other man…or so I thought. When I opened my door he rushed in behind me, swooped me up onto the hotel dresser, threw open my legs, then said ‘My turn’. Devon ripped off my red thong and his tongue swirled around my forbidden fruit. He tickled my cherry until my back arched and the moans emerged from the pit of my center and echoed through the walls.

Mariah 2

When he finished he looked up at me with those mesmerizing hazel eyes and said now what? I kicked him on to my bed and he nearly tore off his pants. I jumped right onto that stiff rod and began grinding on him until his eyes rolled to the back of his head and juices ran down my thighs. He wiped himself off flipped me over and made my ass smack up against his chiseled body. We rode each other all night ripping the sheets, putting dents in the couch, and steaming up the windowsill fighting for the title of best lover. We decided to call it a tie as the sun rose and drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up he was gone, which was no big deal there was no need for goodbyes. I didn’t care what we ‘agreed’ to I knew I left my mark on him and he would be back for more. I am the true definition of a diva: A woman works for and gets everything she wants never below satisfaction.  I went downstairs to check out, handed over my card for the charges and it was declined. Then I tried my debit and two other credit cards and all were declined. I immediately got on the phone with all of my credit card companies and they all said I was over my limit and my account was over drafted. I knew I didn’t blow through $20,000! So over the next few days I visit the bank and lived on the phone with the credit card companies only to find out that there were several thousands of dollars spent on wine, jewelry, clothes, and four first class tickets to Paris!

Mariah 5

I had to explain how I met and slept with this man over and over again to representatives and managers of these financial institutions and the hotel. They kept asking more detail for “inspection” purposes, but I knew that they just wanted to be entertained. The hotel management explained that he never checked into the hotel and that they did not know his name. They financial managers concluded that after all that good “lovin” he reached into my purse wrote down all of my information: License number, Credit/Debit card numbers, address social etc. cleared out my bank accounts and ran. They said it was somewhat in line with my normal spending on trips, jewelry, clothes etc. so it would take a while to remove the charges etc. I went home and started tearing things apart in a fury. Amongst my rage I found a Paris postcard from ‘Devon’ that said:

Thanks for the good time. My family also thanks you for the incredible time we are having on your dime. I will be sure to pass on your tricks to my wife so that we may continue to enjoy our lives as I’m sure you enjoy your life. Thanks for the memories.

P.S. I won…


Mariah 3

All I could do was cry. Every stroke and part of him that I enjoyed wasn’t worth losing my livelihood. On top of that Devon isn’t even his real name! Now that I have to start over all I could think about was the love, attention, and sex that I have stolen from women over the years. I took a part of other women’s souls for my own personal gain. But here I stand broke, but never busted. I will get it all back and when that happens the world will not be ready for Mariah.


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