Glitterati Du Jour: Monica Couture


An ancient tradition of hand woven garments fused with Western influence and a desire to create original timeless pieces birthed Monica Couture.  Designer Monica Paracha  dared to experiment with the combination  of the dying art of hand embroidery and modern couture which created Bridal and Couture collections that have adorned the looks of celebrities, political figures, pageants, award shows, and fashion weeks in London, Paris, India, and Muscat. Her  diverse collection redesigns expected couture style with  Middle Eastern/European flare in chiffon, silk, Swarovski crystals and other imported stones to create a goddess-like look for every woman. Her collection also includes purses and shoes

Monica has  never sacrificed quality as seen through her workshop that specializes in hand embroidery and assuring her design needs are met. She nurtures each embroiderer to be the best at their craft while simultaneously providing a flawless alluring product that is unexpected from the Middle East.  She works with all natural materials in an effort to be fashion forward and ecologically friendly, demeaning the connotation that going green is not sexy. Her goal is to reach adventurous clientele and represent Pakistani designers internationally.

I had the opportunity to briefly interview rising fashion icon Monica Paracha about her current collection.

What inspired this collection?

[The] Arab culture I grew up in with [a] fusion of east and western [culture].

Where can Monica Couture be purchased?

At studios dedicated to my collection in Austin, TX by appointment and Saint Louis, MO.

Where do you see Monica Couture in 5 years?

New York Fashion Week and [returning] to Paris Fashion Week

As one of the few Pakistani international designers, what are some words of encouragement to other Asian or Middle Eastern designers?

Reach for the sky. Dream it and you will reach it.

Check out Monica’s interview at the Muscat Fashion show 2012/2013 and Fall ’13 collection that she shared exclusively with Ms. Nix In the Mix!



Monica Couture can be purchased in the following locations


Lahore, Pakistan
By Appointment:
+ 92 42 3504 7909


Austin, Texas (USA) & St. Louis, Missouri (USA)

[email protected]


[email protected]

Middle East

The Designers Lounge
villa 3, Jumeirah Beach road,
[email protected]

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