Ms. Nix in the Mix: Introducing Our Newest Contributor – Jaha Knight


Jaha Knight

Jaha Knight is a multi-medium [art]repreneur; an enterprising woman with a knack for self-expression. She creates things–stories, books, blog posts, art, courses and businesses. In short, she is a Soulphisticated(TM) Lady who believes in teaching women how to live a life of purpose.

Jaha is the author of 39 Days to Your New Lifescape – Become a Better You ( and The Soulphisticated Lady’s Guide to Being a Boss (in her own life). (, with more titles to come.

A renaissance woman with a flair for being real and entertaining. You definitely want to tune into her post on Ms. Nix in the Mix. Let your fingers do the walking and give her a welcoming post!