New Audiobook Teaches Men How to Develop Seductive “Verbal Game”

Oooooh . . . Say it Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex is Author Alan Roger Currie’s third audiobook release in the last eight months.  This particular audio book is designed to help men improve their ‘verbal seduction’ skills with women, and their overall manner of verbal expression while in conversation with women who Currie refers to as “Wholesome Pretenders.”   We asked Mr. Currie a few questions to find out more about what motivated him to create and release this latest audiobook of his.
Q & A with Alan Roger Currie:
In The Mix:  Alan, at what point in your life did men start seeking advice from you on how to improve their success with women?
ARC:  As early as my senior year in high school, but as it relates to the specific knowledge and wisdom that I offer in my books, I would probably say around 1985.  That was the first calendar year when I first started exhibiting what I now refer to as ‘Mode One’ Behavior, but I did not label it as such back then.

In The Mix:  What is ‘Mode One’ Behavior?
ARC:  A ‘Mode One’ interpersonal communication style is one where a man gets to the point very quickly with women.  He does not waste much time engaging in trivial, entertaining “fluff talk” or “small talk” with women of interest.
He lets women know within the first few minutes of the conversation why he felt motivated to approach them, what about that woman he finds attractive and appealing, and why he ultimately wants to share that woman’s company in the near or distant future.

In The Mix:  So in other words, you do not believe in ‘beating around the bush’ with women, correct?
ARC:   Exactly.   When a man and a woman engage in conversations that are full of vague, ambiguous dialogue, they open the door for their time to be wasted, and for a myriad of misinterpretations, misguided assumptions, and general miscommunications to take place.

In The Mix:  So what is new and different about your latest audiobook, ‘Say it Again,’ compared to the first two audiobooks that you released?
ARC:  My first audiobook, Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking, gives single heterosexual men the basic foundation for strong, effective interpersonal communication skills vs. weak, ineffective interpersonal communications skills.
That audiobook highly emphasizes the benefits of being bold, real, and authentic when interacting with women.  Also, in that audiobook, I briefly describe the four general types of women that all men will encounter in today’s dating scene, and those women are Reciprocators, Rejecters, Wholesome Pretenders, and Manipulative Timewasters.

In The Mix:  Can you briefly describe each category?
ARC:  Sure.
  • A ‘Reciprocator‘ is a woman who will very quickly and straightforwardly let a man know that she is interested in sharing his company in a romantic and/or sexual manner. She is not into engaging in what I refer to as ‘manipulative head games’ with men. She is upfront and straight-to-the-point.
  • A ‘Rejecter‘ is also upfront and straight-to-the-point with men, with the only difference being that a Rejecter is a woman who will straightforwardly let a man know that she is NOT interested in sharing his company in a romantic and/or sexual manner. The best she will offer a guy is the opportunity to share her company in a purely platonic manner.
  • A ‘Wholesome Pretender‘ is a woman who has indulged in one or more episodes of short-term, non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex with men, and is willing to do so in the future, but publicly she will give men the misleading impression that she is a ‘sexually conservative prude’ type who only engages in sexual activities with men within the context of a long-term monogamous ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’ type relationship.  She is what could be categorized as “sexually duplicitous.”
  • And finally, a ‘Manipulative Timewaster‘ is a woman who will initially or temporarily give men the misleading impression that she has some degree of interest in sharing that man’s company in a romantic or sexual manner, but in reality, she just wants to ‘use’ that man for financial and non-financial favors, as well as flattering and entertaining social companionship that is purely platonic in nature.
My second audiobook, The Possibility of Sex:  How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated by Women Regularly discusses in detail the drawbacks and detriments to interacting with women who are Manipulative Timewaster types.

In The Mix: I take it that your recent audiobook, ‘Say it Again,’ focuses more on the ‘Wholesome Pretender’ types?
ARC:  Exactly.  When a man is interacting with a Reciprocator, he can simply ‘invite’ her to engage in sex with him. That type of woman does not really need to be ‘seduced.’  Similarly, a woman who is a Rejecter and/or a Manipulative Timewaster cannot be seduced.  A man would be wasting his time…and money…attempting to seduce a woman who is a Rejecter type or Manipulative Timewaster type into having sex with him.
The only woman out of the four categories that legitimately needs to be persuaded and seduced are the women who are Wholesome Pretender types.  If Reciprocators are your “definite yes” women, and Rejecters and Manipulative Timewasters are your “definite no” women, then Wholesome Pretenders are your ‘more-than-likely I will have sex with you, but I have to see what type of man you are first’ type women.
A man has to be confident, erotically dominant, and ‘Alpha’ to seduce a Wholesome Pretender type into having sex with him. Particularly, short-term and/or non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex.

In The Mix:  What do you mean when you say a man has to be ‘Alpha?’
ARC:  In my books, I assert that there are two general types of men … and even as many as four being more specific.
Alpha males and Beta males.  Some men are what I refer to as ‘Total Alpha males’; others are ‘Alpha males with a few Beta traits and characteristics’;  Many are ‘Beta males with a few Alpha traits and characteristics’ and the remainder are ‘Total Beta males.’

In The Mix:  What are some of the differences between Alpha males and Beta males?
ARC:  Alpha males are men who are generally very confident and self-assured, very competitive, very masculine, erotically dominant, and have a strong sense of backbone.   They really don’t care if other people don’t like certain aspects of their behavior or if other people have criticisms of the way they do things or the manner in which they verbally express themselves.
Beta males are men who always strive to be ‘liked’ by just about everyone they meet, and they always want to be perceived as ‘easy-to-get-along’ with.   In worst case scenario, Beta males are very wimpy, easily influenced by the criticisms, expectations, and opinions of others, and they would allow just about any woman in their life to totally control them, henpeck them, and dominate them.
When a Beta male is married or in a long-term relationship, it is the woman who is in charge of the relationship. Not the man.

In The Mix:  Other than being more ‘Alpha,’ what else do you emphasize to men in your audiobook that you think would help them have more success with women sexually?
ARC:  Arguably the most underrated seduction ‘weapon’ that a man has in his arsenal is his voice. Some men think getting women into bed is all about a good looking face, a nice athletic physique, nice clothes, and a nice car.
The reality is, I’ve known men in my life who were average looking with average physiques who wore average clothes and drove an average looking automobile who had sex with way more women than men who were good looking with a nice job or a nice car. Why? Because those ‘average’ looking men had strong ‘verbal game.’
Well over half of the women that I have personally had sex with in my life told me that the #1 characteristic of mine that motivated them to want to have sex with me was my talent for ‘erotic dirty sex talk.’
If I say so myself, I am a master at ‘talking dirty’ to women. I know how to take advantage of what I refer to as a woman’s “Left Ear Zone.”  This is why my nickname is “The King of Verbal Seduction.”

In The Mix:  Rumor has it that you have not only had physical sex with many women, but you have had phone sex with even more women. True?
ARC:  Very true.  I wouldn’t know the exact number, but if I were to offer a rough estimate, I would say that I have had phone sex with approximately 1,700 women since roughly 1992 or 1993. And, many of those women have paid me handsomely for phone sex.

In The Mix:  Since you seem to be so open-minded, free-spirited, and kinky, may I ask…have you ever engaged in physical sex or phone sex with another man?  Or are you strictly about erotic enjoyment with women?
ARC:  Bold question.  No. I have never exchanged orgasms with a member of my own gender.  That said though, I have had sex with a woman while another man was in the room watching, and I have had phone sex with women while their boyfriend or husband was on the phone listening.
I don’t know if your readers are familiar with what is known as a ‘Bull-Cuckold-Hotwife’ relationship, but I have operated as a ‘Bull’ for a few select couples.

In The Mix:  Wow!  Can you explain what a ‘Bull’ is and what a ‘Cuckold’ is?
ARC:  Remember I spoke of Alpha males vs. Beta males?  Well, there are some men in society that are so passive and subservient with women, that they know that they are not physically and psychologically capable of satisfying their female companions in bed.
Most women are only with these type of men because these men have offered to be financially generous with them, and take care of them and their children.
A man of this sort is known as a ‘Cuckold.’  A Cuckold’s girlfriend or wife is known as a ‘Hotwife,’ because the woman is usually very attractive and sexy.  So with those type of couples, they tend to seek out a more Alpha, erotically dominant ‘Bull’.
And many times a Bull will have sex with a Cuckold’s wife or girlfriend while the Cuckold is in the room playing the role of the voyeur.

In The Mix:  Is that what your audiobook is about?  Teaching men to become ‘Bulls’ who dominate women and their boyfriends or husbands?
ARC:  Ha!  No.  Not specifically.  I do briefly mention Bulls and Cuckolds in my audiobook, but that is not the primary focus.
The primary focus of my audiobook is simply teaching men to improve their sense of confidence, and to learn how to use their voice and overall conversation skills as a tool for seduction.  A Wholesome Pretender is a woman who is sort of ‘halfway’ between a Reciprocator and a Rejecter.
You have to seduce them. 99.9% of the time, a woman who is a Wholesome Pretender type is not going to have sex with a man who she perceives as being more ‘Beta’ than ‘Alpha.’
Wholesome Pretenders only have sex with Beta males if those men are spending money on them and are willing to be indefinitely monogamous to them.  Wholesome Pretender types only engage in short-term and/or non-monogamous sex regularly with Alpha male types.

In The Mix:  What is your website? Can men and women purchase your audiobook on your site? Or do they have to go to another website?
ARC:  All three of my audiobooks can be purchased on and, and a man or woman can actually download one of my audiobooks for free if it is their very first time using as a customer.
They can go to to sign up for a 30-Day No Obligation Trial with to take advantage of that offer.
I also offer Skype and Telephone Consultations and One-on-One/Face-to-Face Coaching with men.  Coaching can be found on my website,

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