Why Are We Obsessed with #AmberRose


Amber Rose was the poster girl for the faithful woman during her short relationship to Kanye West. Everywhere Kanye went Amber was right by his side. I actually grew to be fascinated by her – her curves, the short, shaved blond head and bright pink lips. I became more of a fan when she spoke, she was intelligent and not just a pretty face with a body of a goddess.

Kanye and Amber Rose

When she and Kanye parted ways, she was seen with Reggie Bush and then married Wiz Khalifa, again regaining her status as a faithful chick!

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It seemed as though she was the hopeless romantic because she was always in the spotlight with a famous rapper, but did Amber Rose even need to date a celebrity?  Well since being on her own and single; the world is now obsessed with her. The light-skinned creole girl is the new “It” girl. But she’s also a mom, an entrepreneur, a party girl and an actual celebrity!

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Can anyone tell me her true talent beside having a great ass? No shade!

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*Photo Credit: Amber Rose – Instagram Photos