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los angeles skid row

If you have a job, a place to stay, food, clothing, some form of transportation – you must recognize you are more fortunate than many men, women and children living on Los Angeles’ Skid Row and most of the major cities (Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Atlanta, etc.) in this “great” United States. You might not have everything you want but you are better off than those who are scrambling to find food and shelter as our summer days are turning towards wet, cold winter nights.

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Michelle Mack (Owner and Operator) of MACnificent Hair and I have partnered with each other over the last few years to provide some type of comfort to those in need. We have particularly focused our efforts on the women and children of Los Angeles, CA – Skid Row area. We worked to collect new and used blankets, sheets, and pillows to aid in protecting these individuals from the harsh winter elements. You might be thinking Los Angeles is known for their beautiful weather but it means nothing when you have been living on the streets, have no form of shelter and are lacking the properly food and clothing needed most of the time. Yes, it gets cold here and not all days are sun and fun.


Initially, we wanted to show our children the need to be thankful and humble for everything they are afforded in life and to remind them you should always give something back to those who are in need. But our mission has evolved, especially, with more people out of work and on the streets than ever before. So, this year we are trying to go a little bit bigger and a lot more generous to the men and women on skid row. We want to provide not only blankets and pillows but we would like to pass out hygiene kits and clothing, if possible and we are seeking the help of any groups or individuals who may want to contribute.

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To work with Ms. Nix in the Mix and MACnificent Hair, you have a few options:

If you are friends and family, you can arrange a time for us to pick/drop off up clothing, blankets, pillows, etc. (new or used) from either one of us personally. *Note – if you plan on donating socks or undergarments they MUST be new and in the original packaging. The shelter(s) we leave these item(s) with will not accept them if they are not new and sealed; or you can mail your donations to the following address:

Ms. Nix in the Mix

PO Box 2004

La Puente, CA 91746


You can make a financial contribution by using the PayPal button below:


We will stop accepting donations Thursday, December 19, 2013 to prepare to make our deliveries on Saturday, December 21, 2013. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact form supplied in this article. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and remember those who desperately in need of your “Open Hands!”

los angeles skid row

los angeles skid row

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