Paris Hilton Says She Was Disgusted By The Bling Ring

paris hilton

This Friday, the real life story of Paris Hilton hits movie houses.



While on Piers Morgan she explain how this ring of thieves would track her whereabouts via the Internet and cyber stalk her. They were even going to steal her dog-Bastards!!!!



A ring of celebrity obsessed teens tracked celebrity victims using Google maps, TMZ, and social media websites. The robberies took place from 2008 to 2009 and Paris was not the only victim. It is reported Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Orlando Bloom and Megan Fox were also robbed. The original story was written from actual court documents in the case.

Paris Hilton

20130618-214541.jpgDoesn’t Paris look sickened? The movie was directed by Sofia Coppola and opens on June 21, 2013 nationwide. Now that’s a side-eye.

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