Preachers of LA – Faith Healers or Profit Seekers?

preachers of la

We talked about the Preachers of LA coming in the fall some time ago and now its been confirmed, the show will debut this Fall on October 9 at 10pm/9pm Central on the Oxygen network. Ever since the release of the super-trailer and the various video outtakes of the shows have appeared on the internet – controversy seems to be brimming over the authenticity of the “Preachers”  – Are they servants of God delivery a message or ordained profit seekers preying on their emotionally vulnerable parishioners?

The Mix Nix Team is curious to see how the Preachers are portrayed on scene – yes, we know reality shows are scripted and edited and knowing this how will these men of the cloth’s public image withstand. Mega churches have been caught in constant scandal and scrutiny over the past few years; we’re just not sure if this show will help or hurt the church and the growing, dark cloud surrounding its Preachers!                  9VJCAH963N3G

Preachers of LA

preachers of la

noel jones

 Bishop Noel Jones

deitrick haddon

 Minister Deitrick Haddon

clarence mcclendon

 Bishop  Clarence McClendon

pastor wayne chaney

 Pastor Wayne Chaney

bishop ron gibson

Bishop Ron Gibson

 pastor jay haizlip

Pastor Jay Haizlip


Premieres on the Oxygen network, October 9 – 10pm/9pm Central



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