Power Couple 101:The Only Goal is Success


It used to be that a woman would attend college, meet a good man, he would get a great job, and they would marry and skip into their grand house surrounded by a white picket fence. Then the wife would host dinners for the boss (if she didn’t marry him), keep up the house, and tend to the children and her husband. Well after a woman’s suffrage movement, civil rights, protests, and a couple of economic crashes later that is not the case anymore. Now we have men and women that are CEOs, presidents of the board, or successful small business owners that become staples in the local economy. However, did we lose the comfort of love and marriage when in our pursuit of being a power couple? Are they doomed to tear down each other in the climb to success? Or have the times called for couples to build together and turn themselves in to one powerful unit? These are five ways to strengthen the love of entrepreneurship and the love for each other as a successful couple.



Seek out the potential for success in your love and your career. Do not be afraid of this question: What is your vision of success in life and can you attain it with this person?

Career: In order to begin your path to success, you must be able to recognize your same drive and enthusiasm about the future in your significant other. While their vision of success may differ as far as their career choice it needs to be on the same intellectual and enthusiastic level to be worthy of  support. If there is a lack of enthusiasm  towards the type of career/venture that is chosen the relationship will suffer due to the lack of support.

Love: After the butterfly stage of a budding relationship you need to start picturing how you want your love to be. Do you want a deeply involved love, in which you know the makings of their soul? Do you want a surface love that only deals with the problems you feel like touching? Do you want a balance between the two? Do you want to be a successful couple? Choose the type of love that will make your life balanced and comfortable for your lifestyle.

Keep in mind that an un-evolved love or career movement is not healthy and the relationship will not survive.



The Gladiator helps the Goddess to survive while the Goddess helps the Gladiator to succeed.

The Gladiator and Goddess are roles of support that take different forms. The Gladiator is the ‘warrior’ that will ensure the survival of the Goddess through actions such as:  revenue seeking, marketing ideas, and financial planning. The Goddess is the ‘nurturer’ that will seek ways to develop the ideas or actions of the Gladiator. The establishment of these two roles creates a working partnership of support, which will give each individual power within each other’s ventures. Why is this important? If no one else is able to support the new or established venture(s) with full comprehension of the vision, the spouse/partner needs to be able to. Additionally it creates a need for both to invest in the future of the venture(s) making one collective vision to succeed. A key to surviving in these roles is to understand that the competition is not between the couple, but between the couple and the world. 



While making love is a given in a successful relationship there are times in which it must go beyond the physical act.

Career: You need to make love to your ideas and the ideas of your significant other by pushing them beyond comprehensible possibilities. When new ideas are presented in business it is nerve-wracking and can easily stray someone off course; therefore it is best to test them out on someone you trust i.e. your significant other. If it is a good idea caress it with questions that get to the substance of the idea and watch it grow. Ignite the fire behind the venture by feeding supplemental ideas that strengthen the product/brand. This will turn into multiple ‘babies’ that the two of you would have created together, nurtured, and loved through the process. If it is a bad decision/idea do not be afraid to say ‘that sucks’, but you must be able to present a revised, different, or better idea. This avoids depleting confidence and shows that you are not against them…..

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**This article and photos originally appeared on Concrete Cakes written by C.B. Fletcher. For the remaining  tips on how to be power couple click the Concrete Cakes link.**