Rasheeda, Kirk Frost, & Mary Jane – Oh My!

rasheeda and kirk

And we thought the love triangle between Stevie J, Mimi and the Puerto Rican mommy Joseline would be the talk of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta this season. Well, that has not been the case…Kirk Frost going from loving husband to raggedy philanderer has turned the whole game around.

Not only does he publicly disregard his vows and disrespect his pregnant wife, Rasheeda, in public but he continues his trife ways by flirting with Mary Jane at Traci’s Pretty Girls Rock Party – some straight up BS… Don’t you love Bambi’s dry snitching? 

But I have to give it to my girl Rasheeda just the mention of his flirting and  what “allegedly” happened at Benzino’s cabin pushed the “Boss Chick” to do what most blank chicks won’t do when the s@#! Hit the fan…

 “Blame it on the alcohol” Kirk…this cat here!

Call me bias or whatever, karma is a mother@#$!! Kick rocks Kirk…hope Mary Jane got some room for you on the couch! I must say one thing, I give it to Benzino he tried to tell this dude to slooooow it down before you crash and burn; I wonder how those gasoline boxers feel right now? Let us know what you think! Hit us on Twitter at MsNix2 or #msnixinthemix


Video courtesy of VH1.com

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