Glitterati Du Jour: Glass Handbag – Giveaway

tamara leuty

Meet Tamara Leuty the CEO and designer at Glass of The Rave Metal Futuristic Silver Evening ClutchI fell in love with this clutch for the first time I saw it. The unique features and stylish look was something I have yet to see from any other purse in the fashion world to date. Okay, you cannot tell me you’ve seen a purse like this one…

glass handbag

I know you are saying this is a hot handbag! Metal casing, metal chain (optional shoulder strap), its small enough to carry the essentials for an evening on the town and makes a fashion statement all its own. But the most exciting part about this clutch is (drum roll please)….this bad boy lights up! Yes, baby you will literally be shining as you step out on the town with the Rave Metal Custom Design Silver Evening Clutch.

Rave Glass Handbag1

How will you do this, how can you own this clutch retail priced at $228.00?  You can go directly on Glass Handbags. com and purchase your very own clutch in silver or gold or you can take your chances and enter the giveaway below:

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