Reality Recap: Real Housewives of Atlanta


Here it is, just in case you missed it! The Real Housewives of Atlanta  Recap!

Greg Leakes and Peter Thomas continued the verbal exchange from last weeks episode . I think that Nene played coy and had a hid behind the fact that peter really refocus Greg . Someone needs to really hold a mirror up to ms Leakes . Mia is it ever okay for a friend to disrespect your husband ? If  you ever decided to get that familiar with a family , how can you could feel so entitled?   And no one stopped Nene? No one corrected her . Big mistake.  Friendship is about respect.
After touching down in the ATL Kandi  Burress  and Porsha are struggling to get on the same page this week . Porsha enlisted a attorney to look over a contract for her appearance in Kandis original production , ” a mothers love “. Kandi also gave an opportunity   to two students from her old high school . She visited her high school and broke into tears when she discussed how she found herself and figured out what  she wanted for her life while attending tri cities high school in Atlanta . She left the student body with these words ” it’s not always the student with the best voice in class that makes it . It’s the hardest worker ” said Kandi .

Phaedra Parks, the hardest working woman in realty tv show business , paid a visit to mentor Willy Watkins . Phaedra is the true definition of hardworking . She takes care of Apollo , the kids , her law practice , us a full time student , and even finds time to get her self together . I think that’s why we overlook how Apollo lied to her about Kenya and refrain from hurling insults at her . And she looked great in her black and white color blocked body conscious dress .
Kenya Moore was visited by MARLO . I’m not sure Lehom else will film with her . While Marlo came for a visit baring gifts , they chit chatted .
Kenya had really taken to Marlo . ” Maybe the next time I travel instead of paying for Nene , I’ll pay for Marlo “, said Kenya Moore during a commentary .
Kenya also enlisted the help of a baby coach . Kenya and velvet were left with a small mechanical baby girl .
” I don’t want to name my child Apollo cause I don’t want her to go yo jail . I don’t want to name her Porsha because I wasn’t her to be able to point out the United States on the map . And I don’t want to name the kid Nene cause I want her to have hair “.