Scentbird: Perfume Subscription Review


Any woman with a closet full of designer clothes, shoes and purses always has a counter with a variety of fashionable fragrances. But let’s be honest, how many times have you purchased that $85.00 bottle of perfume only to find that it’s not the scent for you – the cologne last only about 10 minutes after you put it on or it doesn’t work with your body chemistry at all. You’re so peeved you even bought it and the only way to salvage the loss is to give it away to your aunt or that neighbor or friend who’s always complimenting you on your great taste in perfume.

Well, I was introduced to a wonderful program that won’t break your pocket, offers you a 30-day supply of the latest in (100% authentic) women’s designer cologne and ships your customized preferred scent right to your door – Scentbird!

Perfume wallBased out of New York, Scentbird provides women (much like me) the option of receiving upscale female fragrances from your favorite makers – Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, Givenchy, etc., through a subscription service and the cost is only $14.99 per month! You simply go onto their website (or click the Scentbird banner provided on Ms. Nix in the Mix), take the scent preference quiz, sign-up for your subscription, choose your scent and within a few days you’ll get a 0.27 oz./8ml spray bottle (*in a little black, velvet carrying case). You are actually getting the option to, “try it before you buy it,” and you spend less than a fraction of the cost of a full, retail sized bottle on something you may never use or have to give away because it just didn’t give you want you wanted.

Scentbird Spray Bottle

Look, I know I’m not the only person that has gone to a perfume counter, smelled a hundred of scents (even clearing my nostrils with coffee beans to make sure I am picking the right fragrance) only to discover when I use it the first time; it wasn’t what I wanted and/or it doesn’t work with my body chemistry. If you say you love every perfume you’ve ever purchased and I telling you, you are not being honest with yourself. It happens now; you have the chance of making sure you are getting exactly what you want without spending a large sum of money.

ScentBird New York
Ms. Nix in the Mix would love for all of our readers to take advantage of this service and as an incentive to purchase your Scentbird subscription, Ms. Nix followers will receive a discount of 25% off their first month – just use the code SCENT25 and make sure to follow Scentbird on FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to find out about program specials and updates.