Sometimes You Have to Say What the Hell…

When you have a lot of good things happening in your life, you are always going to have some haters out there. Someone is always going to be envious of what you have or the positive progress your life choices are advancing you in this world. The worst is when those people are supposed to be on your side, a member of your personal team of loved ones and they are the ones that are secretly working against you. As the O’Jays so famously put it, “They smile in your face and all the time they want to take your place – the backstabbers!”

It is 2013 and everybody should have their own peace and happiness. The people that you have formed long lasting bonds with should really have your best interest at heart as much as you have theirs. You should be able to share your good and bad situations with them and they either provide you an encouraging word or give you a sincere congrats when you triumph in life or have some outstanding landmark event happen to you. But in these days and times, you are more likely to see the fire in their eyes and hear the venom from their lips before anything positive will come your way. Sometimes you just have to say, “What the hell,” and just move on WITHOUT that person or those persons in your life. Remember, you can do bad by yourself you don’t need assistance!

Every now and again, you will find that you will need to eradicate people from your life – even long-time friends or family members or learn to love and deal with them with a long handled spoon. You can’t get rid of your family but you definitely have a choice on how you want to interact with them. You can, most certainly, get rid of friends or associates without a second thought and keep it pushing. You can evict a lover from your life without giving them a 3-day notice and you can make the decision to surround yourself with individuals who truly have your best interest at heart and would not ever consider being less than a friend to you. As the New Year steams on, you may want to consider making some plans to houseclean your life after taking some personal inventory on who you are and what direction you really want to go in with regards to your personal and professional life. As you begin to work on you, some people will fall of immediately, most individuals cannot handle change and when its positive change and the person is negative they will remove themselves without you really having to do much at all. However, there are some that are stubborn and may have a personal agenda for wanting to stick around and being closely associated with you. For those, you are going to have to actually REMOVE them from your world. If they are a part of your social media network – unfriend them or block them; you have their phone number – delete it; they won’t stop calling you – change your number. Do whatever you must to get them out of your life. You will not believe how less complicated your life will be and how much relief you will feel when you remove some of the dead weight in your world. Sometimes, you just really have to say, “What the hell,” role your sleeves up and do the ground work to get as far away from the negative people, places and things as possible. I promise if you do, you will notice the impact those things had on your life and how much better your mix will be without them/it.

Until the next time, add this ingredient to the bowl of decisions for your life and stay In the Mix with Ms. Nix!

Life experiences will change you and anything that does not grow will die. As I've grown older, I grown wiser and now so will my website and the content you will find here. I want us all to take this new journey in life together. I want to thank you for supporting me.