#Sponsored Post: Birth Control – You Don’t Have To Be Uninformed

This Post is sponsored by Bedsider. All opinions are my own

All my girlfriend’s kids call me Auntie and they seem to find it easier to talk to “auntie” about everything – the new boyfriend/girlfriend, the parties they’ve attended, the gossip they hear and the new fashion trends and, of course, their sex lives. I am the auntie they come too when they are in trouble or they have things they cannot directly say to their mothers and fathers and I always keep their “secrets” in confidence unless it is something that is extremely dangerous or harmful or can be a life-altering event and they all know this!

One day, I received a phone call from one of my babies. She’s 16 years old and she was curious about having sex. While I expressed the need for her to continue to practice abstinence and wait until she gets married; I know there is a possibility she may have sex and I want her to have all the information she can to protect herself. I told her I needed to speak with her mother and father about this and reluctantly she agreed.


I sat them down, first, without her and they were shocked, her father even got a bit upset but this is the reaction I expected – no parent is ready to hear about their child thinking about sex let alone finding out they started having sex before they had a chance to talk to them and inform them about the mental, emotional and physical that go along with having sex. I was able to get them both to understand they need to be open-minded with her and give her a chance to talk to them, answer any questions she may have – don’t let her go out in this world uninformed about sex and how to protect herself from disease and pregnancy.

I also told them it would be great for them to visit Besider.org; I already sat down with my “niece” and viewed the site. I told her to take some time and go over it and don’t believe the hype of the new generation of women – just take “The Morning After-Pill”. This may work for some but, of course, there is no guarantee and why risk the chance of becoming pregnant when you can protect yourself everyday by choosing a more effective method of birth control.

We all sat down on a Saturday afternoon and spoke about safe sex and contraception and the first statement she made was she heard horror stories about how “the pill” makes you gain weight or causes nausea the entire time you’re on it. However, I am so glad I had my laptop and we could all go on Bedsider.org – where personal testimonies are given by young ladies around her same age telling their personal experiences with birth control and how being informed made such an impact on their decision when it came to practicing safe sex. They also have some great videos on the various methods used for protection:

Condoms, birth control pills, spermicide, etc., you name it and they have the information you need – you don’t have to be uninformed about birth control. Your life and your future are too important!

On behalf of Ms. Nix and the Mix Team – we want you to practice abstinence and if you can’t abstain then make sure to practice safe sex.