Sundy “The Not So Popular” Carter

sundy carter jackie christie

This season on Basketball Wives-LA (BBWLA), we were introduced to a friend of Jackie Christie’sSundy Carter. By what we’ve seen and heard so far, Sundy has a strong connection with Mrs. Christie and her daughter has an “infamous naughty pic” circulating on Twitter – but not much else.

sundy carter

What we have yet to learn is what plans do Ms. Carter have after BBWLA (you know there will be a clothing line, make-up line, shoe line – something coming)?!? Did she really come on the show because she believed Jackie was being bullied by the other members of the show last season? Yeah, ok…Jackie needs a body guard…When will we see the depth and complexity of Sundy Carter (if it even exists)…

sundy carter


 These questions have yet to be answered but here is something that we do know!

 Sundy Carter Black Eye

Sundy Carter got the shit knocked out of her in Palm Springs by either Draya Michele or Malaysia Pargo. Yesterday, Ms. Carter tweeted that Malaysia snuffed her and @Drayaface doesn’t have it in her to hit her like that.

draya michele

malaysia pargo

No one can really recall whether or not Draya Michele took credit for the black-eye; we do know she said someone hit Carter’s ass hard – that’s it. Twitter has sounded off with their strong dislike for Ms. Carter…here are the tweets. Whose side are you on? Do you have love for @Drayaface. Or are you on #teamNewbie Sundy Carter?