Mistress Series: Kiss My Bottom Lips – Giselle

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My name is Giselle. I want to welcome you into my world of champagne wishes, diamond dreams, and the paradise under my thong. I am one of three women who knows how to be the head bitch of their domain and that lies beyond Louis Vuitton. All three of us, Justine, Lana, and I all worked very hard through school and played the safe good girl card…for the most part. You know not getting knocked up by a teacher, kissing ass instead of kicking ass and all to sit outside of executive offices and not in them. Let’s not be mistaken, we weren’t stupid just under appreciated in the financial world. Women can’t run hedge funds was repeated phrase followed by laughter from all the big boys in the wannabe Wall Street of Charlotte, NC. Yes there is a financial world in this forgotten southern city. We may not be able to run hedge funds, but we will ride our men to the top and own the hedge fund.

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On a usual Friday night we bar hopped in the southern version of SoHo and as usual found everything drab and the men weren’t anything to look at either. Justine picked up the paper and saw a feature Wall Street’s Next Golden Bull Christopher Boylston. Christopher’s investment returns had about 20 million numbers that glittered off the page as well as his Armani suit and a bulge in his pants that insisted a ride. The article stated that he would be celebrating his success at a private party at a luxury lodge up in the mountains that night. Why do people advertise where they are going to be if it’s ‘private’? We took this article as an invitation and got ready to change our lives. We all slipped on negligees, thongs and easily removable dresses and came up with a plan – like a good mistress. We would seduce him into giving us money to invest and live off of until we created our own successful hedge fund; therefore making us the most powerful rising women in the financial world. Simple enough right?

Mistress Lodge

We piled into the car for the long drive up to the mountains and flirted our way past security. Christopher shyly sat over in the corner with the music blaring around him and other women trying to approach him. Then I noticed he kept pointing to a wedding band to scare the off. I knew this was going to be harder than we thought, so I sent Lana over to introduce us. Lana sashayed over to Christopher and without a word sat on his lap with a martini in her hand and smiled. Before he could say he was married she whispered ‘Where is your wife?’ He tried to explain, but couldn’t get past his stutter. She laughed, licked his ear, and told him she was a magician that could make his ring and bulge in his pants disappear. She sipped her martini and guided his hand up her dress to her panty-less lips. He gasped and smiled when he felt them open with an inviting wet heat. Justine and I walked up to them and Lana said that we had tricks of her own. Without a thought we disappeared up to the master suite and before we set down our drinks he was naked in a Captain Morgan stance with his boxer briefs dangling on his flag pole.

Mistress Jacuzzi

We laughed and I told him that we wanted to clean up a little first. So we ran a bath in the Jacuzzi and slowly undressed each other until Justine ripped off my thong with her teeth. Still upset about that, it was my favorite. Anyway, Christopher grabbed a champagne bottle and nearly tackled us into the Jacuzzi after that. We drank and played in the tub for a little while and I slyly inspected his penis for warts etc. This was about money, but we weren’t about to die for it. When it looked like everything was clear I motioned for Justine to come forward and she dove head first onto his shaft and let it caress her throat. Meanwhile Lana and I interchanged positions slowly French kissing each other’s gates to paradise. Christopher’s face was overcome with excitement I think, we couldn’t really tell because his eyes and smile looked like he was having a stroke. Then he came…

Mistress Lodge Scene 2

We all jumped out of the tub, dried off, and slinked into the bedroom. He stumbled into the bedroom with maybe two sips of champagne left in the bottle and passed out on the floor. This poor rich married fool has never experienced this kind of pleasure, but we still had some business to discuss. Lana and Justine dragged him on the bed and I climbed on top of him, bent down to his ear and said ‘Wake up big boy; we aren’t done with you yet’. He jumped up and immediately started thrusting into me like a bull. I swung my hair, closed my pussy walls around his thrust, and moaned so loud that my partners’ jaws dropped and I forgot about our business for a moment. I smacked him and let him know that we were in charge and all he needs to do is lay back and enjoy.

I hoped off of him and tied his hands above his head with Justine’s negligee then told Lana to hop on for a ride. Lana hoped on to the bed and stood above him and demanded that he call her your majesty before he could have her. He mumbled ‘yes your majesty’ and she kicked his ass until he screamed ‘YOUR MAJESTY **** ME PLEASE!’ She raised an eyebrow then dropped down on to his shaft so fast that it hit her G-spot on the first thrust. Her luminous river of pleasure made her lose focus, so Justine and I held her onto him and made her grind and calmed her by rubbing on her plump breast. No matter what Lana did to him Christopher didn’t take his eyes off of me. It was easy to get lost in his eyes and I could see why he was married. He was honestly a nice naive guy that I could probably be with. Anyway I knew we had a bigger purpose so I pulled Lana off of him and she jumped on his face and demanded he eat it.

Justine hopped onto him next and whipped her hips around his stiff stroke. I turned for a moment to get my lipstick vibrator and Lana had leaned back in the midst of her moans and started flicking Justine’s special spot with her tongue as she continued to ride. I stood with my hands on my hips with pride and looked at my girls work. We were surely about to get millions out of this guy. I noticed that while Christopher worked on Lana he kept looking at me with the most endearing eyes. It was like he didn’t have two girls on top of him and I was the only woman in the room. He managed to break his right hand out of the negligee and motioned for me to come over to him. I came and sat on the bed, snatched my vibrator, flicked it on to hyper speed and put it in between my legs; then somehow managed to close and hold my legs around it. He kept staring at me with Lana on top of his face and said ‘scream’. Lana started moaning louder, he looked up and said ‘not you’ and looked back at me and said it again. I was sweating bullets trying to fight it off but finally I looked him dead in the eyes and he grunted ‘scream’ and I lost my mind.

Mistress Lodge Scene

He came again shortly after with his seizure face again and my girls jumped off of him. The guest dwindled out about 2:00 am and my girls slept in the bed with him. Meanwhile I stayed up with a pen and pad with our list of demands. I sat outside on the balcony in a rocking chair in a random bathrobe I found. I thought about my life and how it was about to take off, it wasn’t what I expected but it was here. Around 5:00 am Christopher shuffled out of bed and out to the balcony and greeted me with a smile. I explained to him that this was business and pleasure and we were willing to keep this up and help his business increase as well as ours. He agreed a lot faster than I thought then asked for a weird favor. He asked to kiss me. That kiss turned into me getting lifted up onto the balcony and having him gently glide in me and holding me close hitting my G-spot almost every time. He told me that he’s had lots of women do similar things to him, but there was a power in me that he had never seen before. Not even in his wife.

He kept holding me tighter and grinding up into me until I was about to scream then he kissed me to silence my moans. Christopher agreed to give me whatever we wanted as long as he could just have me. I agreed and walked away. I explained what happened to the girls when they got up and we all left with blank checks to use at our disposal. About two months went by with great investments and movement up the golden Wall Street ladder, while I moved in to different positions at various hotels with Christopher. Then Justine and I noticed that we were feeling a little sick and a certain monthly curse was late. Even though we were in this for the money, I thought I could really be Mrs. Giselle Boylston if I kept the baby. Justine wasn’t having it and immediately took a test and hers was negative…but mine was positive.

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I was about to call Christopher when I spotted another article about him at the coffee shop. Potential Golden Bull Broke! So of course I immediately hopped in my car and drove over to his office, but it was packed up. Now I wasn’t about to chase this man all over town so I called him and he explained that he was a lottery winner and novice investor that blew all his money on scam investments, lavish parties, and us. Then his wife found out about his various women, including us, and decided to divorce him and took the rest of his money. He asked about our investments and what was going to happen with us. I was at a cross roads with my heart and my survival. I began to choose my heart, but remembered that a woman with a heart doesn’t win in the business world. I told him that he was more of a business deal than a boyfriend to me and hung up the phone. I cried to my girls about choosing money over what love could’ve been and getting rid of the baby…and got over it. No matter what anyone says I am the bitch of my own domain and I have dreams beyond diamonds and we will continue to conquer what is rightfully ours.


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