The Mistress Series: Re-Visit The Series

We have come to the close of our Mistress Series but you can re-visit the lives our the ladies. You read about Mariah, Desiree, Violet, Jael, Anjali, Giselle and Lexi; they gave you their stories and allowed you into their lives. You’ve seen them transform for better or worse. Each one of these stories were real, real women exposing their lives as a Mistress.

Thank you for reading the Mistress Series, we would love to hear your thoughts and let us know who was your favorite. Also, help me in congratulating the author and correspondent, C.B. Fletcher, for meeting with each and every one of the women who gave us a glimpse into their lives. She worked long and hard to give you the story just as they were given to her. We salute you C.B. Fletcher and we hope each and every one of you learned something from the real lives of these very real Mistresses.

 The Mistress Series

By C. B. Fletcher

C.B. Fletcher


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