Trojan Vibrations Twister Made Me “Twist And Shout”

trojan vibration twister

I cannot begin to tell you just how much fun I had with the Trojan Vibrations Twister. When I say, I was soooooo PLEASED with the results, trust me I had fun with my significant (and without)!!! The Twister is multi-functional and very easy to use and if you want to add some extra fun to you vibrating journey add one of Trojan’s New Lubricants to your “Mix” and you will intensify the your experience.

trojan vibration twisterThe Trojan Vibrations Twister can literally “twist” to the left or right , go back into its natural position or 180 degrees in the opposite direction – all while vibrating! Oh and it is made to stimulate your G-Spot in one shot – Ladies, this is one you are going to have to try. Its simplicity is exactly why you will fall in love with the Twister’s ability to please.

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Trojan Vibrations Twister has 3 pulses, 8 settings and 5 speeds so you can adjust your pleasure level to reach maximum satisfaction. You can use this alone, ladies, how spice up your bedroom with your partner. You can’t go wrong with the Twister. It made me “Twist and Shout” and I am sure you will do the same. Hey, the people in the commercial didn’t have their hair blown back for no reason, I can attest to that one. The unit is durable, easy to clean, and soft to the touch (I hate when a vibrator reminds me of a gynecological speculum). I like “toys” that are comfortable, portable and easy to conceal – it comes with a black, stain bag and your first pack of AA batteries are on Trojan (yeah)!

If you have a Trojan Vibrations Twister, tell me how you like it and if you don’t well I want to invite you to go to the Trojan Vibrations website. Right now, they have the “Summer Playcation” package that will rock your world.

Don’t forget, Ms. Nix in the Mix currently has the complete line of the New Trojan Lubricants as a giveaway and with a few more days left take a chance and try your luck you never know, you may be one of the three (3) lucky winners. Until next time, have fun and remember to keep it in “The Mix!”

Trojan Vibrations Twister

trojan vibration twister

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