Verses and Flow: Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

verses and flow

So?? have you been watching TV One and Lexus Verses and Flow? If not, I want you to know you are missing out on some of the hottest poets from across the county. These women and men are spitting hot fire – feeding your mind, body and soul!  On last week’s episode, we were introduced to G Yamazawa, David Bianchi and Ashley August.

G Yamazawa

G Yamazawa gave us 10 revelations about growing up in the south and being Asian – facing racial bias, stereotypical assumptions and ignorance.

David Bianchi

David Bianchi, “speaks for those who don’t wanna speak,” made the crowd come alive as he provided hard truths about this world and the people in it but many standby watching – never uttering what’s really on our minds, how we feel and how we see past the smoke screens put up to pacify society into believing something other than the truth!

Ashley August

But the show stopper and topper of the night was Ms. Ashley August! I had to watch her performance again this morning. She told of the devastating reality of knowing a man only wants to use your body when he’s embarrassed by his your physical attributes – it’s not love or lust and it can drive you to commit…murder?!!!! The heart of woman can only stand so much…whew!

 Kenny Lattimore

The musical guest for the evening was none other than Kenny Lattimore. The grammy-nominated performer let all the viewers know his singing voice is still rich and melodic as the day the world we were given his chart topping hit, “For You!” **Which he sung, by the way, for the Verses and Flow view audience to hear and fall in love with all over again. This season of Verses and Flow is proving to be the best season and they are still only 4 episodes in…check out some of these pics of the poets and Kenny Lattimore and don’t forget to keep watching Verses and Flow.

Verses and Flow

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Are you enjoying Verses and Flow? Are you a poet? Maybe you should enter to become a candidate for the next season…in fact, give me a few lines of your best Verse and Flow….

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