Verses and Flow: Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

verses and flow

I couldn’t wait to leave my day job and get home to watch Verses and Flow. Did you see it? Again, TV One and Lexus bought out some of the hottest poets from across the country to showcase their talents; each week #VersesandFlow seems to get better and better.

Marshall Davis Jones

Marshall Davis Jones

On this week’s episode, Marshall Davis Jones spelled out Father for you all; this young man told you the true definition of father to him was the strong mother he had in his life. His verbal journey showed the struggle and sacrifice single mothers have to deal with in raising a child, playing the role of mother and father.

Megan Falley

 Megan Falley

Megan Falley came out and with her hilariously, intricate twist and turns of the English language and described how she would rather FEEL pain and hurt than to be induced into a drug assisted numbness of mental health treatments to cope  with everyday life.

 Prentice Powell Prentice

Finally, Prentice (Powell) gave us a robotic delivery of how the system prides itself on dumbing down society in an effort to make everyone more dependent and easily controlled. Prentice was the last poet of the night but gave all of us a WAKE UP call, I hope you were really listening.

Anthony Hamilton & MsNix

TV One and Lexus never disappoints when it comes to the musical artist to represent the vibe of Verses and Flow. I am a huge fan of this gentleman, his music has helped me through some tough times in my personal life – Ladies and Gentlemen,  I give you the incredible……

Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton



 Verses and Flow (Behind the Scenes)

Anthony Hamilton & Sheree Whitfield

Anthony Hamilton 1 Anthony Hamilton 2 Anthony Hamilton 3

Anthony Hamilton Omari Hardwick Megan Falley Marshall Jones and Prentice Marshall Jones & Anthony Hamilton Marshall Jones Megan Falley Anthony Hamilton & Omari Hardwick MsNix and Sheree Whitfield MsNix Chanti Moore & Vanessa Williams Verses and Flow 1 Verses and Flow 2 Verses and Flow 3 Verses and Flow

Until next week, keep following the Ms. Nix in the Mix Verses and Flow Season 3 Recaps!!! Let us know what you think of the poets and the musical guest. What you would like to hear about on Verses and Flow? Who would you like to see as a musical guest? Do you have your own Verses that Flow?


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