Verses and Flow: Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

verses and flow

When I say I love, love, love last week episode of TV One and Lexus Verses and Flow…I mean I was standing on the couch watching the entire episode. I think my boys thought I was crazy (which it not too far from the truth). OMG!!! Safia Elhillo, In-Q and Chas Jackson did the damn thing!

Chas Jackson

Chas Jackson let us listen to a very personal and very endearing phone call from his mother…from jail cell. I felt all the emotions he bought to life from the happiness a child gets to hear his mother’s voice to the deep sadness and emptiness of a man being separated from his mother and the reality of her status…prisoner of a California State Institution. **I met Chas during the taping and I must say he has some serious swag…I still love those loafers babe!

In Q

In-Q, I want that kind of love when I get 85…the love he described, from youth to the age where you and your partner are basically keeping each other together (literally) is something everyone wants in their lives. It’s a pure and rich love, unconditionally love, deep and rooted in truth kind of love. Ummm, I need you to give these men out here some more direction on how to make themselves ready to receive that kind of love, embrace that kind of thinking and love that hard and strong…

Safia Elhillo

Safia Elhillo stole my heart and made me cry. I know how hard it is for me having my family in different states, I have being separated from my boys. But to have your family, your mother and brother, in the country of your birth in the middle of turmoil and war has got to be heartbreaking. Not knowing if their lives have been stolen away, the sacrifices made to give you a chance, the agony of wanting and needing to be with the ones you love but distance, war and the uncertain promise of death are keeping you apart…I applaud your courage, admire your strength!

Faith Evans

As expected, Verses and Flow bought another veteran in the game to the stage to set it off vocally. Ms. Faith Evans was amazing as she s-a-n-g for the viewers, check out the poets and Ms. Evans in the video below:

  Verses and Flow – Behind the Scenes Pics


020 008 010 011 012 013 015 017 018 019 021 Verses and Flow 1 Verses and Flow 2 Verses and Flow 3 Verses and Flow 4 Verses and Flow


I have to give a very special shout out to Mr. Jonathan Slocumb who kept us laughing during the taping. If you haven’t seen him in person you are truly missing a good show.  Jokeum Slocumb this is for you…



Whose your favorite poet so far on Verses and Flow? Hit me up and let me know.

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