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Welcome to the Sex Mix and to kick this segment off, by giving you  a taste of one of my favorite poems from, “A New Year’s Eve Celebration” by Yana West (see below). Oh trust and believe the poem gets hotter as you continue to read on and so will the Sex Mix. Our new segment will bring you a variety of entertainment from guest contributions to toys and advice on sex and intimacy. This section will have very few inhibitions but only in the “Mix” way! We want you to enjoy the Sex Mix and definitely drop by to teach, learn and comment on the mix – let your imagination drive you as you take this ride!

black sex

I want to introduce you to a book that will inspire your sexual creativity and stimulate your drive; may I suggest getting a glass of wine, your favorite person or toy and place either or both on standby as you flip through the pages of Erotique Noire/Black Erotica – a collection of sexual charged poems and short stories by a variety of authors. The book was edited by Miriam Decosta-Willis, Reginald Martin and Roseann P. Bell and you can purchase a copy through Amazon.com . I promise this is one book you want to have on your shelves or by your bed…..black sex

…”At midnight Eastern Time, as the countdown begins in Times Square, you can open me up wide and take your tongue around my clock, bite my clit and make the juices come. As you salivate, the “count” is going down and by the time your tongue completes the wet, hot, juicy licks and nibbles around the circles of both inner lips, I’ll be ready for your hard, sticky dick to drop into my twelve o’clock…” By Yana West.

Black Erotica – The Sex Mix



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