What Would America Be Without Black People? (Day 2)

What Would America Be Without Black People? The hands of black quarry men, brick masonries, and sawyers crafted the very materials used to build the “White House”. Check the history books, Google the truth, do your research; black men and women are response for the foundation the United States by force not by choice. It’s strange how many free and enslaved black men, my ancestors, gave their blood, sweat and tears – lost their lives, were forced into the development of the “great nation” but their children or their children’s children, etc. are being killed, jailed, get remedial jobs (if employment at all) less than equal pay and many are the living poor but we’ve had a hand in everything that has made America the nation it is today! If not for the trillions of black dollars being placed back into this United States economy, the United States economic structure would collapse… check out https://www.whitehousehistory.org/press-room/press-fact-sheets/slavery-and-the-white-house.

#whosasonofabitch #blackdollarsruletheworld #msnixinthemix #msnix (pic 2 is a partial list of slave owners who were paid for slaves building the White House) www.smithsoniamag.com/smart-news/white-house-was-fact-built-slaves-180959916/

I've seen it all, been through it all and I am still standing strong. I have very little patience for foolishness but I have enough compassion and drive to help those who ask for help. Recently, I got tired of seeing women just making some poor choices and having made many mistakes in my life; I am here to help you out!