What Would America Be Without Black People? Day 3

Alexander Miles

Born True Date Unknown

Died May, 7, 1918

I know most of us have been in a building that has at least 13 floors or more. If you have an appointment on the 20th floor, even the most health conscience person may decide to take the elevator and because of Alexander Miles you can take this convenient ride from floor to floor. Mr. Miles, a black man, received US Patent No. 371,207 on October 11, 1887 for his electric elevator. So what would America be without Black People…a lot skinner from taking the damn stairs!!!! #whosasonofabitch #blackdollarsruletheworld #msnixinthemix #blackpeoplewakeup #blackpeopledefineyourdestiny #msnix #didntlearnthatinschool #notinschooltextbooks

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