When Love Calls

I just want to let you see what type of GLBS comes my way…..

 Ditzy Female

Her name well, for the sake of being anonymous and not allowing the ridiculous person to be exposed on the web – I’ll call her “Jane” its simple enough hell she’s a simple minded chick! Our conversation went a little something like this….

We have been back together for about seven months. He’s paying for me to go back to school and he bought me a car,” all I could say was, “I’m so happy for you. “Now we can go on double dates like in the good old days!” Let’s just pause right there and let me fill you in. Four years ago my home-girl introduces the group (my entourage) to a disheveled woman that looked at least 45ish (not Halle Berry 45ish) more like, (music please), “It’s hard out here for a pimp”, 45ish. My first impression was she’s going to force this chick down our throats, we just met the girl and she just started in on how her man was so small and so quick to…

Group Date

I’m use to my fingers not being able to touch when I grip it“, she said. “I have to get served somewhere else, but he’s paying the bills and stays working,” she sang. It’s refreshing that a female can be so forth-coming too bad she wasn’t honest with the man or men in her life.
Three months later we all met for dinner, let’s just call it Jane’s met and greet. She brought her “main man. There was nothing extraordinary about him; a typical man – taco meat on his chest, short cut hair, thick lips, and dirt under his nails (not what I expected but a super sweet man with a kindred spirit). She dominated the whole night with sex talk and taking digs at her man. She bragged about how they were taking her children to Disneyland all at his expense and when the bill came she snatched his wallet and offered to pay with his cash. I knew who was running the relationship when she got in the driver’s side of her car and continued talking to me and my husband as if he wasn’t there.
Four months passed and I continued to get earfuls of her sexual escapades with men giving her their “retirement checks” and “weed dealers” willing to do anything she wanted as long as she was there to please (all the while she has her man at home paying market value for her Section 8 apartment). She had “the good life” according to her; I was always amused by her life views. Well one day, I called to see if she wanted to meet up for lunch. She always had cash to do lunch because she had her trick out working (the main man).

 Promiscuous Woman

“Hey girl where you at?” – (the standard black greeting)
At Home,” Jane said.
“What’s wrong? Get up, the kids at school?”
Yeah they are.” Jane said.
“What’s wrong with you?”
Last light I followed my man and he parked my car in a driveway at some apartment.” I said, “Okay?” and she continued, “So he went somewhere and I waited till he came outside and a girl followed after him and kissed him. I got out and ran up on him and her. She asked who I was but from the look on his face I already knew the answer. My man has another apartment with some girl on welfare” …All I could do is hold my breath. I couldn’t even say, “Get the fuck out of here.”I really wanted to say, “So the dude that you cheated on, lied to, and told you needed money for rent every month but your ass was on welfare, told him you wanted a baby but have no uterus, spent his tax return buying yourself a car, fucked someone else and had him talking care of you and him because you told him it was your cousin, and now YOUR hurt because he has an apartment with another blank chick on section 8. Please, please, please stop! Her dude moved on to marry another woman and buy a home. She was sad, disturbed and devastated. She found comfort in the arms of any man that didn’t mind that she had two little girls at home and her apartment resembled the turn style at The Greyhound bus station.

happy black couple

Present day arrives….

 And now they are one, again, going strong. She told me that he showed up at her door looking terrible and skinny – I wonder who she had to sneak out the back door. She nursed him back to health while faking a few orgasms and penny pinched the last that was left of her food stamps to feed her, her girls, and him. Within two months he was working again, or pretending to be at work again and with all this, I have reserved judgment. I understand that when love calls, you answer. You never know what love is going to sound like or the song it is going to sing to you. But there are some that better answer, because they are too weak to send the call to voice mail. You decide who should have hit decline.

Life experiences will change you and anything that does not grow will die. As I've grown older, I grown wiser and now so will my website and the content you will find here. I want us all to take this new journey in life together. I want to thank you for supporting me.