Will Kanye West Save Kim’s Family?

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According to Expose Entertainment, Kanye West is not going to ask Kim Kardashian for her hand in marriage because it will lead him to financial ruins.

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One might think the couple has money to last three life-times over but so did Mike Tyson, MC Hammer, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. It is possible that a huge celebrity can spend, spend, and spend until they have no more. They can even end up filing bankruptcy. Kanye ain’t got time for that and the college drop-out ain’t no fool.

kanye west and kim kardashianA source told Star magazine, the Kardashian family is not doing so well. Rumors of their wealth shrinking have been circulating for months. The Star also reported that Kim spends upwards of $350,000 on clothes per month. Okay so maybe she can afford it, maybe she got a gigantic check from the Tyler Perry film? Who knows? With a porn spoof of the Kardashian family in the works, Kanye still has yet to go to Bruce Jenner and ask for Kim’s hand in marriage. Oh and she has been free and clear from ex-husband Kris Humphrey since April 2013 and still Kanye has not put a ring on it! We hope they do what makes them happy and the baby is born healthy. After all marriage is just a piece of paper and should never be about keeping your paper.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

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