Will Downing & Lalah Hathaway – Essence of Soul Singers

will downing

Will Downing 

lalah hathawayLalah Hathaway

Recently, I had the opportunity to catch the incredible Mr. Will Downing and the sensational Ms. Lalah Hathaway perform at San Manuel Casino. The show started with Lalah singing some of her old hits, bringing out Mr. Rashaan Patterson to give the crowd a real treat as the two traded musical scats back and forth – if you don’t remember Rahsaan Patterson, he started his career on Star Search check out the video below he starts at about the 3:53 mark on the video, and has several albums to his credit.


She brought the house down when she did some old R&B classics with that special Lalah Hathaway twist. I can’t think of one person that wasn’t singing right along with her. Lalah, recently named the Ambassador of the Circle of Promise, bought the audience to their feet when she sang Forever, For Always , For Love (performed by the late Luther Vandross) with every note she sang. Lalah even made a light-hearted jib at Will Downing by singing in a baritone voice as a segway to Mr. Downing taking the stage.


The smooth, silky voice of Will Downing began to fill the auditorium and every lady in the house began to swoon, every man in the place must have been feeling some kind of way to the point of Will noticing because he took a minute to explain to all the men – let my music work for you and not against me (in so many words).  Mr. Downing had every hand clapping, toe tapping and people dancing. One of the highlights of the show was when his background singer (please forgive me because her name escapes me at the moment) bought everyone in attendance to their feet – when I say this young lady can sang, she can s-a-n-g! Somebody needs to have her signed and working on an album right now. The concert was astounding and I expected nothing less from both Lalah Hathaway and Will Downing – each represents the essence of soul singers! If you don’t believe me, take a look at the video below of Mr. Will Downing in action.

You can get a list of Lalah Hathaway and Will Downing’s upcoming tour dates at Song Kick or at Ticketmaster.com.




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