You Lying, Cheating, Son of a…I Love You! Part 5: Final Advice From Panelists

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  Our panelists have graciously opened up their personal experiences and words of wisdom to inspire healing and self-love; whether that means you love and keep him or bless him and leave him. Here are some final words of advice to inspire your next steps.

Kita Bryant 


Kita Bryant, Married- “Love God and never put a man above him. In my world it’s God, my kids, then my husband. Prioritize your love and always leave room at the top for yourself. Once you have secured love for you, no man can ruin your spirit.

Aisha Jones Aisha Jones, Relationship 10 years– I cannot stress enough how important it is to communicate! You must communicate with your boyfriend/spouse and most importantly communicate with yourself. Allow yourself to feel pain, cry, and heal. There are times when you need to put heart aside and trust your head and other times when you must follow your heart. Love is not easy and it changes every day, but if it’s worth the fight you need to gear up for the battle. Embrace the fact that love is thoughtful, passionate, kind, beautiful, confusing, and prideful and does not take joy in causing destructive manipulative chaos. Love is the best full time job that pays you in joy.

Britton S. Boyles Jenkins Britton S. Boyles Jenkins, Divorced– Do what is best for you and only you. If you want to leave, do it! If you want to stay in your relationship and work it out, do it! People will give you all kind of advice on what you should and shouldn’t do, and put themselves in your situation. Take everything that is said with a grain of salt and use it to fuel your decisions. The road to overcoming infidelity is a long one regardless if you choose to stay or leave. Take it one day at a time and decide to move forward.

Kimberly Jones Kimberly Jones, Single– “If you truly love your man after looking at the situation objectively and feel there’s a chance for the love to survive, go for it! Know and understand from the start that the healing will take work, dedication, and time. Always hold on to the notion that relationship should enrich your life, not detract from it. If someone or a situation is sucking away your soul, let it go. You want to be the best you that you can be so when the right person does come along, you can give them the love they need and in turn get the love that you deserve.

Ebony L. Davis Ebony L. Davis, Recently Single– “Be responsible for your own decisions. People cheat for different reasons. Have standards and boundaries stick to them fearlessly. Since I have been cheated on and cheated myself I am no longer accepting or engaging in that behavior. If you want to work it out, do it, but do not become a doormat and live in the new strength you have in your love. Love is only complicated when you make it that way. I have learned a lot from the men I have loved and every lesson helped me become a stronger person. Always love yourself first and everything will fall into place.

Larry Miller Larry Miller, Married– “The truth is marriages stumble regardless and some manage to survive through forgiveness.  You cannot simply forget a transgression, and masking it will only create a false sense of happiness and eventual revolving misery. Learn from the past issues and moves forward a better vision and understanding of your relationship.

 “The love that you share with someone else is generated from your love of God and love for yourself. As long as you trust that love it will always lead you on the right path.”

Carmen Fletcher, Relationship 7 years

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About the Panel:

Kita Bryant Kita Bryant is from Atlanta, Georgia. She is married 8 years and a state at home mommy. You can get more advice from Kita at:

Aisha Jones Aisha Jones is from Atlanta, Georgia. She has been in a relationship for 10 years and is a childcare provider. You can find more of Aisha’s great advice at:

 Britton S. Boyles JenkinsBritton S. Boyles Jenkins is from Columbia, South Carolina. She is divorced and is a social worker. You can find more of Britton on her blog at:

 Kimberly JonesKimberly Jones is from Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently single and works as a marketing director. You can find more about Kimberly on her facebook fan page:

 Ebony L. DavisEbony L. Davis is from Washington, D.C. She is recently single and has a wonderful blog site you will thoroughly enjoy. You can find her at:

 Larry MillerLarry Miller is from Chicago, Illinois and married. He is the author of How to Cheat and Not Get Busted and is a contributing writer at Luv&

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