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Hayden Christensen And His Sexy Smile

hayden christensen

Are you looking for this week’s sexy hunk? We searched high and low (not really) and found a sexy man born in April of 1981- Hayden Christensen. The 32-year old Canadian is filming a new indie film with rapper Akon entitled American Heist



Hayden and his brother own a production company and he’s been in front of the cameras since the 1990’s doing TV in Canada. He was also in Jumpers (2008) and Star Wars and Takers

Hayden Christensen







The man has a special smile that ladies just love. I knew a few on the Mix Team that would let him “get it” in a heartbeat! We think he is sexy. Do you? Let us know what you think of Hayden Christensen. Tweet us @emoone #msnixinthemix @msnix2

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