New Face of Hollywood: Lupita Nyong’o

A virtually unknown Kenyan actress made her first major debut in the Oscar winning film 12 Years A Slave and stunned the world with her talent and style, ladies and gentlemen Ms. Lupita Nyong’o.


Lupita Nyong’o at the Oscars in a custom Prada gown

Lupita commanded the world stage in her portrayal as Patsey in the Oscar winning film and we have not been able to keep our eye off her since and neither have designers. She was born in Mexico, raised in Kenya, and educated in the United States which included her time at the Yale school of Drama that led her into her career. She joins fellow Yale powerhouse diverse actors such as Angela Bassett and Edward Norton.

Lupita’s talents opened a flood gate of adoration as seen through this award season, by winning Best Supporting Actress and Breakout Role awards from regional and international film groups such as: AAFCA Awards (2013),  BOFCA Awards (2013), HFCS Awards (2013), OFCS Awards (2013), LAFCA Awards 2013 , and more.

She started out in small stage plays such as  The Winter’s Tale and The Taming of the Shrew. Such opportunities made her jump on screen in short films  and series such as East River (2008) and  Shuga (2009-2012).  She was not afraid to jump behind the camera as well in her Directorial debut with the documentary In My Genes (2009). Her upcoming film Nonstop with Liam Nielsen puts her in an action roll that no one would expect as Gwen.


Her acting is as diverse as her style that we have been in awe of during this award season. Styled by Micaela Erlanger,  her wardrobe include bright hues , African prints, and chic looks that embellished her beautiful skin, showed off some curves, and her radiant smile. Her Oscar dress got most of the attention during Sunday’s award show, with its goddess-like silk look and vibrant blue that she was quoted saying ‘It’s a blue that reminds me of Nairobi’, according to E Online. She also flaunted a gold frog ring that is a family totem animal that she mentioned on her Instagram account.

According to Yahoo News, Editor at Large of InStyle magazine Hal Rubenstien had this to say about Lupita’s Oscar gown, “It’s a color that just lets her skin shine. There was some faint beading up the bottom and she compared it to Champagne bubbles.”

The one thing that stands out beyond her talent and style is her flawless ability to be humble and present 100% class. Ms. Lupita Nyong’o we look forward to your next great performance and can’t wait to see what you will surprise us with next.

Thoughts on Lupita’s looks and talent? Sound off below.


C.B. Fletcher is a public relations manager that has worked with domestic and international pr campaigns in the entertainment, fashion, hospitality, and literary industry. She continues to pursue independent projects and collaborations for events and growing businesses. As a contributing writer to Breath of Life Daily, Ms.Nix In The Mix, and The Urban Realist she has had the opportunity to feature intriguing and uplifting stories of people from around the country, as well as lend her perspective on risque and complicated subjects. She also has caught the directing bug in her first upcoming documentary about the journey of a woman fighting Mucoepidermoid carcinoma cancer; Some People Are Just (Un)Lucky. C.B. lives in Atlanta, GA and embraces the fulfilling love of her long term relationship and incredible family and friends. For more information on upcoming articles, films, and snippets from her upcoming books please visit

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  1. Andrew Graves

    March 8, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    OK, so it appears that Pharrell Williams has stirrred up some controversy in regard to the cover of his latest album, GIRL (due out March, 3 2014). The controversy stems from the supposed lack of “African American“ representation/the prevalence of a more fair skinned collection of women. As it turns out, one of the women on the cover is indeed “African American“, but obviously not what some of us “African Americans“ would have liked to see. With that said, I now say “WHO CARES” !!!!

    Here we are, once again embroiled in a conversation about light skin vs. dark skin, good hair vs. nappy hair, and Pharrell Williams becoming the poster boy for everything thats wrong with Black America today. When are we as “African Americans“ going to finally wake up and realize that this is 2014, and that we no longer have to identify our selves with our ancestral “Mother Land“. Only in America is the black community recognized as “African American“. If you travel to any other part of the world, the moment you open your mouth to speak, you are recognized as an “American“, and the color of your skin is irrelevant. If you’re a naturalized citizen of this country, then your are a “Native American“ regardless of your cultural ethnicity. In my opinion, Pharrell Williams has embraced the idea that being an “American“ is a good thing. His album cover is a perfect example as to how far we have come as human beings, not just as“‘African Americans“.

    I’ve always had a problem with the whole light skin/dark skin thing. I’m not one to judge anyone based on how light/dark they are, or if they have good/nappy hair, so to me, people are people, and this is due in large part to my multicultural ethnicity. Slavery and the days of the “House Negro“ are over, its time to stand on your own two feet and “Do You”!!! Stop worrying about what someone else is doing, especially when it has nothing to do with what happens in your world. We as “African Americans“ are our own worst enemies when it comes to discrimination, aka. “Hatin’“. We hold eachother back more than we uplift eachother. We perpetuate the notion that your complexion somehow translates to your success or failure. We look at those of us that are successful as” Sell-outs”. If reality T.V. hasn’t done anything else, it has definitly shown us just how childish we still are as a collective. Wake up “African America“!!! We are “America“. We have woven a bold thread into the fabric of this great nation. We have influenced every facet of society from, brand marketing to sports, from music to fashion, and everything in between. With the advent of social media more Black voices are being heard on a plethora of topics. We are “America“, start acting like “Americans“. Drop the lables, stop the “Hatin’”, and live for your dreams.

    Pharrell Williams is not the problem here. The problem is with those that feel as if we should have some pity on them because they are socially challenged by their own insecurities. If you have time to worry about something as stupid as an image on an album cover, then you need to find time to rethink your life. Pharrell Williams isn’t new to the “music industry”, and his album cover reflects that. He has produced songs for a who’s who of artists throughout his career and has creative license to do what ever he pleases, he’s “Paid the Cost to be the Boss“, so we can stop blaming the “Industry” as well. I’m still a fan of Pharrells work, and wish him all the best, “Do You Brah“