Ms. Nix in the Mix: Introducing Our Newest Contributor – Erinn Rochelle

Erinn Rochelle

Help the Mix Team welcome Erinn Rochelle! She delivers the truth, the real truth and nothing but the truth. Read her bio and get to know her a little better:

Described as tenacious and abrasive, Erinn Rochelle rarely holds her tongue when passionate or just annoyed by any one topic. A writer since she was young, Erinn enjoys all levels of literary work and hopes to be a major contributor to scholarly, unbiased and revealing reports; she has always been fascinated by and respected journalist who weren’t afraid to tackle controversial issues and hopes to join the ranks of such journalist like Anderson Cooper, Glenn Greenwald and T.J. Holmes. Erinn will most likely be known as one of the most notorious journalist’s on what NEEDS to be said vs. what IS being said – from religion hypocrisy to government dependence-and she gives no sugar-coating.

Read at your own risk; can you handle the truth?

I love her up close and personal way of delivering you the information you want to hear. You may not like honesty but you will always respect it. Show Erinn some love and leave a post welcoming her to the Mix Team.