Blank Chick Chronicles!!! Volume 7

Public Service Announcement…

Okay I had to say something after this past weekend; it is going to be short and sweet. I am so tired of seeing women with $300 weaves, the latest purse or glasses-dressed to the nines and their kids look like they came out of the cabbage patch. Blank Chicks get your stuff together. You are a mother and with your choice to have children you gave up the right to think only about yourself. I swear you have lost your minds.

You walk around like you are the best and the baddest chick walking around; running behind some dude, hanging with your girls but your kids are at home looking raggedy and hungry missing their mother. It bothers me to the hilt when I see a woman going to get her hair done and her children have on clothes that even Goodwill would reject.

If your kids have not had a home cooked meal because you were out in the club – you’re a blank Chick.

If you baby is sitting in a diaper that looks like she’s been in a swimming pool for about a week – you’re a blank Chick.

If you son hasn’t had his hair cut in a month but you have a new pair of Gucci glasses (fake or not) – you’re a blank Chick.

If you have on new kicks (shoes) and your child has to use tape and staples to keep the soles of her shoes together – you’re a blank Chick.

If your son is asking his grandmother or grandfather when is mom coming home and they can’t respond because they don’t know where you are – you’re a blank Chick.

Could you stop being a blank Chick- get out of the club, stop chasing behind some guy and take care of your kids. Stop letting your babies go out in public with running noses and holes in their clothes looking busted while you’re driving around trying to look like a million bucks – NOT!!!

Your children didn’t ask to be bought here but you had them so be responsible and take care of them. Sacrifice your happiness for that of your children go without and give to your kids – they should not be punished because you are making poor choices in life. Get a clue Blank Chick and wake the hell up and take that ingredient and put it in your Mix and keep following Ms. Nix, until the next chronicle……

Life experiences will change you and anything that does not grow will die. As I've grown older, I grown wiser and now so will my website and the content you will find here. I want us all to take this new journey in life together. I want to thank you for supporting me.