Foxy Brown Doing Damage Control?!?

foxy brown

Foxy Brown released a statement to set the record straight. She, Foxy Brown, never gave any interview to any magazine or reporter about Jay-z or Beyoncé. In fact, in a statement released by her attorney, Foxy gave praise to the couple for always being kind to her. Foxy Brown was a former hip-hop rapper dating back to the new jack swing era. One of her most memorable songs was “Gotta Get You Home With Me Tonight”, a Teddy Riley and Blackstreet collaboration. Foxy Brown aka, Ill Nana, never became a huge female rapper (not because she wasn’t talented) but because hip hop fans didn’t really support female artists in the same way as males. Over the past years she has tried to launch new projects but her trouble with the law overshadowed her talent.

According to, Foxy Brown may bring suit against Media Takeout for reporting a story that was unsubstantiated. Good luck with damage control Foxy.


Ms. Foxy Brown

foxy brown



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