Jay Z’s RocNation Under Investigation

jay z


Jay Z was recently spotted at the Great Gatsby premiere looking stylish and dapper as ever. On May 15th, The Source published a photo of Jay Z and Geno Smith (from Geno’s Instagram), implying that they may have a business relationship.


Well, according to SI.com, if Jay Z dealt with Geno at all that was a red flag.


Officially the NFL Players Association is stepping in to make sure negotiations and recruitment between RocNation and the rookie, Geno Smith, were done in accordance with its guidelines. It is alleged that Jay Z may have broken rules by recruiting Geno directly. Jay Z is not a certified sports agent therefore he cannot deal with Geno Smith nor is he allowed to use persuasive tactics. Don’t you have to have a college education to be a certified sports agent?


RocNation is growing and quickly establishing itself in the sports industry. It has signed a few other athletes and an established relationship with CAA (Creative Artists agency). Well we shall see what they dig up on the situation. Let us know what you think @msnix2

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