Ms. Nix in the Mix: Introducing Our Newest Contributor – Shanti Ray

Shanti N. Ray


Shanti Ray, the founding editor of I Am Simply Shanti is a Legal Admin Assistant by day and a freelance lifestyle writer by night. She is woman of many talents who finds her strength and passion to write in life’s experiences. In her down time she enjoys volunteering and mentoring young women. As she keeps herself busy being a writer, entrepreneur, and community service advocate she still finds time to work on her first novel and as a correspondent with Six Brown Chicks and Regal Realness . To catch up with the latest work of Shanti you can visit I Am Simply Shanti and follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

Shanti is indeed the real Superwoman. Courageous, determined and she definitely will deliver – you are going to absolutely love her post. Give her a warm welcome by leaving a post and saying so!