Shay Johnson Reveals All – #LHHATL

shay johnson

Say what you want about Shay Johnson of Love & Hip Atlanta (#LHHATL) but her most recent interview on the Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club shows what a logical woman she really is.

Shay Johnson

shay johnson

In the 16 minute interview, Shay comes clean about placing all the blame on Lil Scrappy for misleading her and Erica Dixon. She also makes it known Erica is unreasonable and was actually Lil Scrappy’s side-chick , Diamond was his main girl. According to Shay, she and Erica were introduced while Lil Scrappy and Diamond were living together. Erica always had beef with Shay, according to Shay, and Imani was around her because Shay rented the house Lil Scrappy lived in-wow….

erica dixonlil scrappy

diamond atlWhen asked how she can be cool with Lil Scrappy, Shay reveals she’s moved on and she is just a forgiving person. She also talked about how editing made Erica appear to be more in Lil Scrappy’s life than she really was. He was also texting and reaching out to Shay during his time in rehab.
shay johnson

Oh and one last thing…

erica dixon

Erica was judgmental about Joseline but she actually was involved with a married man recently, got pregnant and had an abortion Boom! How’s that for a reunion spoiler.



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