Joan Rivers Production vs. Staff Writers For Fashion Police

joan rivers


Before writers of the hit E! show Fashion Police (starring the comedy maven, Joan Rivers) went on strike; they were in talks with the network and the production company over wage dispute(s). On Wednesday, the show’s staff was preparing a picket line at the E! Studio headquarters, in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles California. In anticipation of the strike people started receiving this message:

Check Out Joan Rivers:


The workers claim they are owed 1.5 million in back wages and hour claims. They filed a case with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Agency. Who knows how this will end up; we believe that a day’s labor deserves a day’s pay! If the writers are owed 1.5 million, I wonder how much they are making per hour. Man that’s some dough.

check out this link of the best of Joan Rivers

And here are more pics from Fashion Police on the E! network








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