Rasheeda “Boss Chick” and Kirk Frost Have Split

rasheeda and kirkAccording to mediatakout.comRasheeda has decided to separate from her husband of almost 18 years, Kirk Frost. They  let the world into their stable and loving relationship during season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.
Viewers damn near jumped through the TV on Episode 208 of Love And Hip Hop when Kirk asked his pregnant wife for a blood test – it seems his popularity is fleeting.



Rasheeda seemed to be visibly upset and viewers were polled to see if Kirk had the right to ask for the paternity test – check out the results below:



On top of all the paternity test controversy, someone in Kirk’s camp leaked these pics on the Internet:



He’s was sexy in the role of loving supportive husband, but now? Men take note of how your image can go from sugar to shit in a matter of weeks. We support the bossy chick.

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Should Kirk have asked Rasheeda for a blood test on camera or should he have aired that dirty laundry in the house? Tweet @emoone, #msnixinthemix , @msnix2

Rasheeda and Kirk

rasheeda and kirkrasheeda and kirkrasheeda and kirk


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